Overall corporate culture

While it’s not the top item on employee lists, the overall culture of your company makes a difference for employees. Does your organization appreciate employees, treat them with respect, and provide compensationbenefits, and perks that demonstrate respect and caring?Is your work environment for people conducive to employee satisfaction and engagement? Do you provide events, employee activities, celebrations, and team building efforts that make employees feel that your organization is a great place to work?

My mission is to change as many lives as possible by spreading my message and helping as many people along the way.

“Create A Better You, So You Can Have A Better Life and be able to move forward without hesitation”

How can you change your company’s culture?

  • Awareness and understanding around this issue.
  • Empower the employee and employer.
  • Putting the Family back in the Family Owned Businesses
  • Learn how internal (feelings & beliefs) and external (behavior, survival mechanism) controls influence negative communication

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Empowering Women to Empower others

DATE AND TIME: Sat, April 27, 2019 8:30 AM – 6 PM
LOCATION: Redondo Beach, CA 90266
“Empowering Women over 40” Empowering you to Empower others

by Final Step International- Alina J. Ugas, NLP Coach


About this Event:

Are you ready for a career move and to take control back of your Life and your Joy? If the answer is YES, this Discovery Workshop is for you. Designed for women over 40 who are looking to”empower” themselves to move forward without hesitation. The most important notion about this workshop is that “YOU” are the focal point. To uncover the best you so you can have a better life!

We are all about caring and sharing. Please share this event with other women.

Join Alina Ugas, Co-Founder of Final Step International for this Personal Empowerment for Women. Alina is a Speaker, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and a Master trainer for The Needs Based Method® technique. Along with her partner Michael S. Oden, MA Founder of Final Step International and developer of The Needs Based Method® co-facilitator of this event. Alina and Michael are a passionate team dedicated to empowering women to achieve their True Self and Full Emotional Foundation.

What makes Alina and Michael unique is their self-developed methodology referred to as The Needs Based Method® which gets to the root of the “WHY” of a specific behavior in an achievable 7-Step System to Self Discovery and Awareness.

What’s in it for you:

  • 8 Hours of exciting, fun filled discovery workshop
  • Identify who you truly want to become. (Who Am I?)
  • Be confident in your decision making
  • Learn not to shame or blame one-self.
  • Enhance personal relationships
  • Identify what is a Need (The Needs Based Method®)
  • Introduce the 7-Step System to Self Discovery and Awareness

Check in time is 8:30

Event starts @ 9am promptly


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Topic: Gaining understanding of your past. Learn what stops you from moving forward

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