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The Impact of Alcoholism on the Family

The Impact of Alcoholism on the Family. Many people think that the one that suffers the most is the person who has been abusing Alcohol or Drugs for a long period of time. Here is a client’s struggle not only with alcohol but also gaining his family’s trust. After Carlos’ encounter with his father, his […]

A Bully

Basic definition of A Bully A bully is an individual who meets his “need” for self-worth, respect, empowerment, and  validation, tragically, by repeatedly, disempowering others, over time. The bully will use verbal, physical, racial, sexual, financial, and cyber tactics, to name a few, to get what he wants without the other person’s consent. As one […]

Understanding Anger

Understanding Anger                                      Join our Anger Management Class Where does anger originate? What you will take away this week is Understanding anger. How to control your anger.  Anger is an emotion that can be used to protect oneself […]

When Nobody’s Home

Have you read our book “When Nobody’s Home”.? Click on the link to read more about “When Nobody’s Home”.  Stay updated with our blog to be part of our upcoming training and informational seminars. This book is published to create a resource that can be used by people in the helping professions—by Counselors, Social Workers, Probation […]

Award winning published book

When Nobody’s Home..The book

We, as individuals are deeply impacted by the felt (social/emotional) experience we have of family in childhood.  A person who grows up in a family that is basically safe emotionally and physically has a higher probability of living in the world with confidence and a strong emotional foundation; and as that future adult does not […]

Award winning published book

When Nobody’s Home..The book

My goal in writing this book is to not only help the reader to understand how and why individuals begin to depend on drug use, but to truly understand how the early socialization of family dynamics plays a major role in the decisions an individual will make throughout life. (HBDI®) Pair Profile™ provides a comprehensive […]