Understanding Anger

Understanding Anger                                      Join our Anger Management Class Where does anger originate? What you will take away this week is Understanding anger. How to control your anger.  Anger is an emotion that can be used to protect oneself […]

When Nobody’s Home

Have you read our book “When Nobody’s Home”.? Click on the link to read more about “When Nobody’s Home”.  Stay updated with our blog to be part of our upcoming training and informational seminars. This book is published to create a resource that can be used by people in the helping professions—by Counselors, Social Workers, Probation […]

Transformation Tuesday

It isn’t luck that pushes me now; it is my readiness to hold on to an inner vision until it becomes an intention—and then to modestly follow my instincts and say yes to every break that comes along. By being active and fearless, I am allowing doors to open that would have remained locked or, […]

Management training and development Series

Management training and development Series. Research has revealed the effectiveness of new methods for improving knowledge worker productivity. “Functional Brain Technology” why each of us have our own thinking style. Because knowledge work differs in fundamental ways from traditional manual work, improving knowledge worker performance requires different methods. Yet, many of the learning and development, […]

Management training and development Series

The influence of The Needs Based Method® Corporate Development will offer your organization understanding as to how we do what we do; what we are successful at and how we interact with the world. Recognizes how people think, feel, and behave and subsequently how they communicate, problem solve and make decisions. Builds communication and problem […]

Management training and development Series

Create solutions for knowledge worker engagement and productivity, while also demonstrating the enhanced credibility and potential of the learning function. After this training, you will: “Functional Brain Technology” why we have our own thinking style Identify opportunities to provide even greater value to your employer, employee and know how to discuss these with managers. Indicate […]