Michael OdenMichael S. Oden, Founder

As the founder of Final Step and "The Needs Based Method”®, I have been successful at helping men and women transform and improve their personal and professional lives for over 20 years. I am a Behavior and Communication Expert, Coach, International Speaker and Author. Consider us to for your corporate training, family owned business and employee development training. We believe that everyone has the possibility to Think to be Different® I have interviewed over 10,000 clients since 1998 using “The Needs Based Method”®. The mission of “The Needs Based Method”® is to believe that once a person understands their past experiences and how those experiences have influenced their behavior they now have the conscious ability to shift their behavior and belief system. That's where our Think to be Different® approach comes from.

How we can help your business grow.

  • Discover how today’s business complexities are requiring managers and emerging leaders to become more nimble and adaptable.
  • Explore new strategies for building managerial agility based on what we know about thinking and the brain.
  • Learn a thinking-based approach that helps managers quickly optimize the way work gets done, take decisive action even when there are no clear-cut answers, and tap into the diverse perspectives necessary to achieve breakthrough results.
  • Get practical tips for increasing your managers’ thinking agility in four key areas to improve performance and accelerate business outcomes.

I work with individuals and corporations who are on a quest to increase and expand their personal and professional lives with depth and quality. I am a result oriented Human Behaviorist and Personal Consultant & Coach.

Alina Ugas

Alina J. Ugas, Behavior and Communication Mentor, Final Step Inc. and The Needs Based Method®, 310-612-7022

Alina Ugas is a Behavior and Communication Mentor and Co-founder of Final Step International and its trademark technique, The Needs Based Method®. With over 35 years’ experience in the health care, mental health and business sector, Alina, a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming® & Motivational Coach, National Certified Recovery Coach, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and trainer, has always had a passion for helping others discover why their emotional decisions and self-destructive behaviors prevent them from reaching their highest potential. Years of research and interviews with thousands of clients battling drug addiction, anger, eating disorders, gambling, and emotional dysfunction helped craft the development of The Needs Based Method®. This proven technique of getting to the individual’s specific social/emotional needs that have not been met and have kept the client from enjoying a fulfilling life or successful business career has had an 85% success rate.

Alina is committed to the belief that coaching is not only a necessary life tool but a business tool as well. After working for others for more than 34 years, Alina started her own family business Final Step International along with her partner. Together they have developed a coaching program called “The Needs Based Method®” to help others transition into and survive family business ownership and find the balance between the demands of work and the needs of the family.

A regular on the speaking circuit Alina has developed and facilitated numerous seminars on behaviors and communication including:

  • Improving Communication and Increasing Productivity in your Practice
  • Life Transitions
  • What Stops You from Moving Forward
  • Generational Shaming
  • Second Chapter of Life

When Alina, a mother of three adult daughters, is not working with clients or conducting training seminars, she and her life and business partner Michael Oden enjoy writing and have published an award-winning book entitled When Nobody’s Home and a workbook When Nobody’s Home “Understanding Human Behavior”.

Alina’s vision is for all people to move forward in life with confidence, fully awake and living consciously in the moment. This will allow you to create the life and business you deserve.